Who We Are

Jim Settle - Vocals

Singer - Bass player - Song writer - Producer 

Former bass player of Tantrum of the Muse - 

  • The heart is a two headed sperm 1998 - TakeHold Records 
  • Modernmu$ick(2000)!, Released on TakeHold Records 
  • The Downtrodden & the Sidhe  2001 Burning Records 

Jim has recorded and produced bands such as: 

  • Bionic Jive - Universal records 
  • Omissa - Tekipyro Records
  • And many others that he does not care to list
Jim has played and toured with bands such as Underoath - As I lay Dying, Today is the Day - Dillinger Escape Plan, Few Left Standing - Narcissus - HateBreed, Zao, Burnt by the sun, Boy set's Fire, Blindside.

Tiago de Souza - Guitar

Over 20 years rocking the guitar, Tiago has played for several bands across many genres such as metal, blues and jazz. A veteran of Brazillian music festivals, Tiago has also been a music instructor and producer.
- Producer for Perpetual Paranoia project with Dale Thompson from Bride Christian metal band.
- Producer for Through The Clouds on line Project.


Peavy Amplifiers, Mesa Boogie Cab, Ibanez 6 strings, Ibanez 7 strings, Seymour Duncan pickups


Sfarzo Strings

Tom Eaton - Bass

Former bassist of BOMB AND SCARY 2009, SOMETHING LEFT UNSAID 2010, and a few other bands not so well known throughout the Bay Area, Ca. Tom Eaton loves to play his bass FAST, LOUD, HARD, and HEAVY. Is there any other way to play THRASH METAL?


ESP "The Surveyor" Tom Eaton Signature 4 string bass, ESP Ltd F 404 with tribal inlay 4 string bass, TC Electronic Blacksmith Head, two TC Electronic RS 4x10" bass cabs, DBX 160A compressor/Limiter, BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, Korg DTR 2000 tuner, Line 6 g90 wireless, Furman PLPlus C Power Conditioner Voltmeter, Darkglass B7K

EMG Pickups
Sfarzo Strings / Tom Eaton Signature bass strings Made in U.S.A., INTEX Cables also made in U.S.A.
Line 6 wireless

Bill Davies - Drums

I've been playing the drum kit for 35 Years , it all started when I got my first set at nine and a half.

Tama has been my choice the whole way through and has held up to every beating of every show every time. I play on a Classic Star series set 10", 12", 13" Tom Tom's,14" snare, 16" floor Tom with two 22" by 18" bass drums.

My favorite choice of cymbals is 2002 Paiste, got to say they have the best tone of any other and cut through with brilliance.

My favorite metal drummer of all time I'd say is Dave Lombardo of Slayer and favorite rock drummers Neil Peart, Tommy Aldridge, and Mike Portnoy.

The band members of Hand Of Fire are the greatest guys to work with. I see a great future with these guys!